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February 25, 2014

Cute Tiny Homes

Written by: Tamyka Bullen 

I have looked through pictures of small cute homes which are perfect for single people. Small houses give single people less headaches because they only can spend an hour to clean their homes. Build a small house is a better idea than purchasing a house because you have various options what you want to include in your new home. There are a lot of freedom to design the inside and outside of your home. I looked through different kind of small homes. I haven't decided what kind of home I want to live in.

I am not sure if I want this house since it looks big for a single person to live in unless if you wants to add extra room. Maybe the extra room is a mini library so you get a nice view at the forests, drink tea and read your favourite book. 

 I am not so sure about this tiny house because I wonder if he has the washroom and kitchen in his house? I can't imagine to go out to cook or pee or poop in the frigid temperature. Nah...not for me. HAHAHAHA 

 I started to think if it is good for single retired people to live in tiny houses but too cold to go out for cooking or number two toilet! 

 I think I like this size of the house and the white fence but I do not like the exteriority. I think it is plain and boring. Need to put more colours. Oh well...

 Hahaha. What a house is it! I love the tall window with the Arabic-style roof. Really kewl! Unfortunately, it does not go with the Victorian design that well. This house is too weird and not my type. 

 I like the idea to have the house in the middle of many trees. I love the garden. So beautiful. However, I think the design of the house is so boring. Green and white together...gross!!! 

Finally!!! I LOVE THIS HOUSE! Why?
1. Right size
2. Colours matched
3. Design is so beautiful and unique

What is your dream home?


February 4, 2014

Fantastical World

Posted by Tamyka

I love fantastical pictures because of many unique plants that are are not seen on the earth. I wonder if they do exist on other planets than we think? I wish they exist. Today, I have talked to a Deaf artist who lives on Toronto Island all her life. She lives in the surrounding of the nature. I am envious of her but in the future, I will have an Eco-friendly house with a nice backyard full of different plants and flowers. I truly believe that all creatures need to live in cooperation with the nature.

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