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July 28, 2014

An Essay on Irish Swearing

I had intended to write a post called "5 Photo Essays worth Reading"

And the post was going to start with the following line:

"Below are 5 examples of photo essays that are worth reading. They don't take much time to "read", but they get their point across. :)"

At least that was what I was intending to write in this post.

And then I discovered, photo essays are hard to find - even using Google. So instead below is an essay on the topic of Irish Swearing instead.

Why? Because I looked at how difficult it was to find photo essays, then I swore like an Irishman, then I came up with the brilliant solution of posting this example of essay writing instead. If you do have a photo essay that could go on PHOTOBOT, then send it to me and I shall post it.

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